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Marriage Enrichment Experience

Tim and Patty Sleebos

The Story

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Beyond the counseling/life coaching private practice, Tim and Patty Sleebos are extending their reach by offering a one day marriage enrichment experience to a small group of couples. 

The “I’ll Always Kiss You goodnight” Marriage Enrichment Experience was born out of a desire to help couples navigate the journey of marriage, emphasizing a biblical foundation, integrating the  behavioral science of psychology and bringing years of experience in marriage and relationship counseling  while sharing their own life’s story.

Their hope is to build a legacy of strengthening the core of marriages, life coaching couples to improve their relationship skills and encourage families to fulfil their God given potential. The “I’ll Always Kiss You goodnight” Marriage Enrichment Experience will be a one day event where couples will learn, be encouraged, have fun and this time will be a great investment in their marriages.

The first event will be held on Saturday February 10th, 2024.

About Us

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Patty is a graduate from Southeastern University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Ministerial Leadership. She is also a graduate from Liberty Theological Seminary where she received a Master of Divinity in chaplaincy, a Master of Arts in Religion in the area of pastoral counseling, and a Master of Arts in Human Services counseling marriage and family from Liberty University.

Tim is the administrator of the counseling practice and is now taking a role in team coaching couples alongside Patty. Tim studied at Evangel University and is certified in business logistics and has worked in procurement/operations/manufacturing for 28 years. He has a wealth of experience in business and received some of his training and education in Europe where he was born.

Marriage Life Coach

The Song

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The name of the marriage enrichment experience is the title of the song “I’ll Always Kiss You Goodnight,” a song written by Tim for Patty in celebration of their 40th Wedding Anniversary (July 2023).


The title is reflective of the idea that the emphasis in our culture is often placed on the “Me” factor, as “what is in it for me?” but the emphasis here is on the “You” factor, as “what can I do for you?”

Romance - Stronger Together

I’ll always kiss you goodnight, it’s a promise I made

Many years, one kiss at a time, like a special date

Whatever life may bring, I’ll be there by your side

This I know, I’ll always kiss you goodnight

As I promised, I’ll always kiss you goodnight

-Tim Sleebos

Changing your marriage and family

starts with changing you.


-Dr. Tim Clinton

American Association of Christian Counselors

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